Whats so wrong about just being you?

October 25, 2009
By Aribear17 SILVER, Aldie, Virginia
Aribear17 SILVER, Aldie, Virginia
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i'm sure you have all seen people on TV who have gotten plastic surgey, wether it's a lipposuction or any other kind. I don't think this is right, i mean it leaves a horrible impression on children and teenagers. People out there are trying to tell us that no one is good enough the way they are. Why do you think that people are bulimic and anerexic? No i'm not against things like hair dye and makeup, I can't be because i dye my hair, but in my opinion changing your hair or lip color is not the same as changing who you were born to be. I don't mean to sound like a hater by writing this, I deal with a lot of haters myself for simply dying my hair. Once in the lunch room I was sitting with my friend and one of her friends came over, the girl I didn't know thought some random guy was cute and my friend and I disagreed. The girl told me that my opinion didn't matter because i died my hair, I had never been so horrified in my life. The reason I told this story is not to get a lot of hate mail on my opinion. I simply wrote this to say whatI believe.

The author's comments:
"Please don't change who you are"

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