May 16, 2017
By ella13 BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
ella13 BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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Congrats Newly minted Brother,

Now that you are a brother your job is to make you sisters life horrible.
To do this you need to be as mean a possible at every moment. Tease them about boys and steal everything they own.Hit and punch them until they are as blue as a blueberry. Here are some essentials to get you started:

1)Don’t ever and I mean it when I say EVER, say Hi or say any thing to her. If you do than she will think she can talk to you about her life. Trust me,you don’t want that to happen.

2)Never text or call. Even in an emergency. If you do you'll seem desperate, and you don’t want to be that kind of sibling.

3) Always hurt them, punch them and kick them. Be as mean a possible. Even if they are crying, they will get over it.

4)Always act innocent and pretend you did not do it. Swear on your life do anything to make it seem like you didn’t do it.

5)Always steal their clothes, stretch them, rip them and make them as dirty as possible.

6) On Christmas morning open all their presents and break whatever they got.

7) Always finish their favorite food before they get any.

8) On Halloween, Steal all of their favorite candy and leave the wrappers so she knows you did it.

See Brother, you can ruin your sister's life too.
All you need is my “ How to make your sister's life horrible” DVD order it now on You got it. It just takes a little effort. And a credit card but you will figure that out when you get to the check out. Try your best. See you next time on “How to make your Brothers life horrible”.

Congrats Newly Minted President,

Now that you're out the leader of your country, Our job is to run this country under. Make fun of woman, disabled and every religion but your own. I know it can be hard but you can watch my DVD “ How to ruin the county” now available in store and online.

Spend all of your time on Twitter and Instagram. I MEAN ALL OF YOUR TIME! Everyone else can do the actual work.

2) Make sure Women are not in power! What every you have to do. Make sure they know their place. AT HOME!

3) Make The craziest hand signs so people know you are serious. Clapping, waving your hands in the air exc.

4)Stereotyped everyone!! That's not a suggestion that is a command.

5) Say you worked as hard as you could and you started from the bottom, but actually your daddy just gave you millions to do whatever you wanted.

6) Say you know all about politics! Steal you candidates ideas and say you are going to do them but don’t.

7) Use ALL of the money!! Use the USA’S money to go on family trips to the bahamas.Use the Private jet to go to the grocery store and shopping in hollywood. Spend ALL the money in the first 100 days.

8) Drop a missile! So all of the other countries hate you and fear you. Create a world war 3. And never trust any on that is not american!

See president, you can ruin your country too. Do everything on this list and you will be sure to succeed. Also make sure everyone hates you. Get my other DVD “ Ruin the world” now available on watchable for $1,500 dollars.

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