Giving Up Has No Place When Leaves Glisten on the Tree

March 2, 2017

 A breeze floated across the skies landing on my face pushing my hair to dance uncomfortably in the wind, prickling into my neck. I swept it across my face as I turned around. And looked up.

I gazed something that many haven’t ever noticed before. I plopped down on to the mulch and glanced up. We walk past this grass and play in this open field every day but we never notice what is right in front of our face’s.
It was a magic tree. It’s branches stretching high into the endless sky. Covering the scorching sun. Dancing in the magnificent sky drifting with the clouds endless departure.

The sadness’s encountered in our lives, disappointments, depression, death. All these were the branches piled on the body of the tree.

The leaves were beautifully shimmering in the golden sun. Then the mist cleared giving me a good view of them. The leaves were HOPE. Hope covers the sadness it blocks it so it never reaches the perspective of us in view.
But then I watched as a leaf slid down the tree and brushed on to the depths of the ground. They kept falling. Loosing hope, making the branches clearer and easier to see.

The moss. Oh this was the most important thing of all. Though just an attachment and a side part to the living soul it was an amazing piece. It was the personality.

Every precise time a piece of moss fell; it grasped the branches and held them in its clutches dragging it down to the depths with it clearing the view of merely the beautiful sun and the glistening leaves; only the leaves.
Then there was the trunk. It was standing right in front of me. My eyes turned and I saw its mystery. Its what kept the whole tree standing up. The essential piece. It was curiosity, mystery, every question asked that didn’t have an answer was there. Inside the trunk of the tree. The very spirit of every person the essential piece that keeps the person on the go ready for each day.

I got up thinking this was the end of my analysis and then fell. I tripped over something. And I looked down. It was a root from the tree. It kept the tree strong allowing it to make itself strong and unbreakable.

It was its family, origin, tradition, it’s friends, it loves was all there buried into ground, the heart making it valuable and strong. So that no harm would ever come to it.

I stood up my eyes tearing. My heart felt warm as I walked away staring at the tree. Thinking that I have to reach the top.

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