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Shoes, the key to every outfit

November 4, 2008
By Rebecca Solomons, Weston, MA

As i sat down to write my first ever fashion column for my school newspaper, all i could think about was the previous fashion editor, Lindsay Bloom, and how i was going to fill those big shoes. Luckily for me, I have pretty large feet; size eight and a half to be exact. This got me thinking. I guess I could write my first article on shoes, a very important accessory. Scratch that, calling shoes an “accessory” would be an understatement. To me, shoes are what make or break the outfit. You can put together an unbelievably chic outfit and then just ruin it with a pair of crocs. Now I can see why some people might say they love crocs, because they are “so comfortable” or “that little strap on the back is great for ankle support.” This might be true, but when I get ready in the morning and have the perfect outfit planned out (a pair of skinny jeans a slightly looser top to complement the straight leg look of the skinny jeans, the perfect sweater and a fun scarf) I don’t immediately say to myself, “Man, I wish I had a great pair of crocs to put this outfit together.” That’s just not the way my mind works. The perfect pair of shoes for that outfit might be a great pair of tall boots, or a really cute pair of ballet flats that maybe have a tiny hint of brown in them to match your brown top. Just enough to make the outfit pop! This winter/fall leather boots are must-haves. For the spring, a great pair of ballet flats (maybe a brighter color if you’re feeling dangerous), and for the summer, gladiator sandals, and a great pair o wedges are the best way to complete your summertime look. They look great with a dress skirt or shorts. Besides my nightly ritual of reading Instyle, Vogue, or Teen Vogue, I love watching the MTV series, The Hills. Although this is not the most educational show on TV, I watch it so I can see what each character’s new outfit is for the week. Lauren Conrad is not only the star of the hit TV series, but also a prominent icon for fashion gurus like myself. Lauren sports a daytime/work outfit, which usually consists of a fun, but serious usually dark colored dress with the perfect pair of pumps to complete her look. Previously working at Teen Vogue, and currently working at People’s Revolution, she has to look the part. She also shows her nighttime outfit, which is either a brightly colored dress or a pair of skinny jeans and a silk and/or perfectly patterned top. Whether she is running to the gym in her Nike shocks, or strutting the streets of LA, Lauren is always properly dressed for the occasion, all the way down to her shoes. For some, shoes are the hardest part of the outfit, but for me, I can slide my eight and a halves into a wide variety of shoes depending on my mood or the particular look I am trying to achieve. Don’t ever feel nervous or insecure about trying new styles of shoes. If they catch your attention, then that usually means that they will work. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself. Shoes are what take you there. You cant leave your house to go anywhere without a pair of shoes. Let your next pair be interesting and take you to places you’ve never been before. Have a new and unforgettable experience in those shoes and you’ll always remember that hose were the shoes that guided you to that special place and time. Next time you walk out the door, remember that shoes not only complete the outfit, but if chosen with care, they can reflect the wearer’s personality, and be the very sole of her style.

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sarahw said...
on Nov. 10 2008 at 11:26 pm
i personally HATE crocs and i appreciate knowing that someone else feels the same and sees the crocs do NOT equal style :P no offense to any croc lovers out there, this is just my opinion...but i would much prefer boots or flats. this article is also well written and thoughtful. kudos!

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