September 11, 2012
By dj527 BRONZE, North Fork, California
dj527 BRONZE, North Fork, California
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Barbie. A word that is both loved and hated throughout the world. For me, it is not love, nor hate, but simple annoyance. Barbie is just too cheery and perfect. If Barbie were a real person, and not just a doll- well, I'd rather not think about that. Let's just say the world would be much better off without Barbie.
To begin with, Barbie is a huge stereotype. Millions of little girls play with Barbie, the doll with perfect hair who always looks pretty. A lot of girls can be influenced by that and want to be just like Barbie when they grow up. Believe me; we do NOT want millions of little Barbie clones running around.
Barbies aren't even well made dolls. Forget about Barbie going for a swim. You will never get her tangles out. And even if you brush her hair to perfection, chances are her big plastic head will just fall off.
As if just plain Barbie wasn't enough, someone had to go and make her into a movie as well! There are dozens of these movies, almost all of them based on fairytales. We don't need the children of our society thinking that Barbie is in every fairytale. Barbie doesn't even tell the stories right!
Barbie is an unneeded nuisance (don't even get me started on Ken) and deserves to be treated as such. My overall opinion is: DWBF (Down With Barbie Forever)!

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Natalie12 said...
on Oct. 11 2012 at 2:33 pm
I'm sorry to say that I strongly disagree with this article. Not every little girl looks up to Barbie as their role model. Even if they did it's up to the parents to teach them that's its okay not to be perfect.

on Sep. 14 2012 at 8:08 pm
Bella.Electra PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
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Its very good even though it goes against my article.


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