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February 20, 2012
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Teen Cliques are everywhere, people have a psychological need to belong and that's why they exist. All through life there’s cliques, and as you’re younger they start to develop, but still aren’t really existent. As you get to middle school or junior high they start to really appear by people starting to get more divided and the peer pressure really starts to kick in, and each time you advance in a grade they get more and more closed netted. By the time you’re in High school you’ll notice that it’s just one big clique, where there are people more “superior” than others. Even in adulthood where it’s; who has the best kids or the best house. Cliques are real everyday occurrences.
Being so common society accepts them through the bad and good. In cases of teens, According to, It’s perfectly normal: Preteens and teens group together and hang on tight. It’s normal and as humans we do it because of a psychological need of belonging and fitting in.
Cliques though being a natural and healthy thing also destroy others psychologically. When cliques affect people it can hurt not just their feelings but the way that they behave and act as well. As stated by, Trey and Madison were facing the same problem: they both felt left out, and their feelings were hurt. Madison who was so sad she didn’t want to eat Trey was so sad that when he got home he slammed his bedroom door. Sadly, this isn’t even a severe case. Citations like this have been known to lead to teen suicide and depression.
What a lot of people don’t see is that there are different types of Cliques, Clicks and Cliques. As stated by, Everyone fees left out by friends every once in a while. Friends are people like this- they usually make mistakes and usually we forgive them. And sometimes friends fight and makeup again. This is an example of a click, but sadly this isn’t how most cliques are because of our society. Cliques are more like, there are usually hierarchies of cliques among teens, from the popular groups to the losers. The labeling goes on and on, on a daily basis is what tears teens apart.
Cliques have positive and negative aspects to them. Positive, because they give people a place where they belong and give them friends. But negative because they change who you are, some people don’t know anything else besides following a certain person who is more superior. Cliques change who we are and what we’re like. There’s a difference between clicks and cliques. Clicks are groups of friends bound by common interests and who generally like you, cliques are based on where the people are positioned socially and normally fall under that high school hierarchy where people are all based under one more superior than the rest. Clicks are much healthier because they give you your own individuality and character that isn’t made by anyone else.

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