March 17, 2011
By Quinn15 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Quinn15 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I blame you Hollywood, for showing me things you never should. Show a young girl, in a cruel world.
(From “Hollywood” by Angus & Julia Stone)

Glamour, beauty, perfection. Those three words sum it all up. Maybe with the occasional pretty. Possibly the word thin. And definitely the word flawless. So, Tinsletown or Hollyweird?

When I was little I always wanted to be famous. I dressed up in all sorts of outfits ranging from dresses for a princess or a suit and tie for a business woman. I wanted to be a dancer on Monday, a juggler on Tuesday, an actress on Wednesday, a veterinarian on Thursday, and a doctor on Friday. But, whatever It was I had a longing to be known for doing it.

I love fashion and clothing. I admire looking like I just stepped out of a salon, but Hollywood has overdone it. Have you noticed that when a woman wakes up in a movie her skin looks perfect, her hair looks like she just got it done professionally, and her makeup seems untouched from the day before? Hollywood has put an unachievable goal out there for women to meet. We have to be thin, have perfect skin, perfect teeth, and perfect assets. But do we? No, that is why we are unique. Movie stars aren’t perfect either. The media has put a stereotype out there called perfection. We think that we are supposed to look a certain way and if we don’t then we have something wrong.

It’s not that we as a human race has something wrong. It’s the media that has something wrong. No one can look flawless every second of the day but the media seems to think otherwise. If you look at a magazine like People or Us Weekly the cover usually has a picture of a movie star getting out of her car with no makeup on. The headline usually reads “IS THIS WHO SHE REALLY IS?!” The answer is yes. That is what everyone should look like without makeup. No one has perfect skin, hair, or looks.

Since no one is perfect why does Hollywood make us think we have to look a certain way? I guess movie stars are supposed to be special, have the perfect life, and look flawless with no effort. Actually, it is just the opposite. Movie stars are probably some of the most self conscious people out there. They have to suit the needs of everyone. Weather that means looking flawless or having the perfect life. If they don’t suit the needs of the everyone else they are at risk for losing their career and having people dislike them.

Movie stars don’t have the perfect life. You rarely hear about them having a successful marriage with children and having a happy family. We usually hear about them getting divorced or looking for happiness. The media should slow down and take a second look at everything. They need to show that movie stars are special, that is their job. But they also need to let us think that they are also just normal people living life. And we need to take these things into consideration.

So, Tinsletown or Hollyweird? I would say both. Hollywood is about glamour and beauty but, it is also about being successful. Not everyone that is successful is the poster child of beauty. And even that poster child of beauty isn’t perfect. So ask yourself, “Do I always look perfect?” Well, movie stars don’t either.

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