Modern Day Ignorance

November 15, 2010
I have realized that a lot of people these days are falling into some sort of ignorant bliss. They are quite happy and content with the nothingness life they live and the uneducated things to say. I, personally, find it extremely annoying and rude.

For instance, the term fagot has been flung around carelessly and has been directed at gays, bi-sexuals, and lesbians. This term does not mean "gay guy", yet it has now become an extremely popular word used to hurt and label those that are gay. For anybody that does not know what this word really means, a fagot is a bundle of sticks, or anything for that matter. When it is spelled faggot, it can mean the same thing as fagot, but also this can be a ball of chopped meat.

I have also noticed that the word retard is being thrown about as if it is funny, but its not. I was a babysitter for a family that had a little boy with downs syndrome. He is like a little brother to me and nothing would hurt me more than for him to be called a retard. I mean, think about it like this, retards original meaning was a slow or delayed development or progress, but people now use it to mean stupid. The mentally handicapped boy I watched for so long is not stupid in any way, shape, or form. In fact, he can remember a phone number after hearing it just once and he is amazingly good with computers, but none of this will matter. People will go on using the term only because modern society has made that okay.

Apparently it is also okay to throw around the terms rape, gay, and certain slang words that are affiliated with body parts. I would think that people would find such terms offensive and to not be taken lightly. I just don't understand if such talk is taken lightly because of the lack of discipline that has risen over the years or just because this generation just does not care.

Why must people be so cruel and derogative like this? Is it really so hard for people to open up a dictionary and learn what a word is before flinging it around like a cracked-out buffoon? I mean, I think it's time for people to think about what they say instead of making themselves look like uneducated antagonists.

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SpringRayyn said...
Dec. 8, 2010 at 10:50 pm
And you might learn new, bigger words to use as insults that no one else knows and therefore can't say any better comeback, lol! XD
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