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October 22, 2010
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Social network sites are super, if you are into that whole stalking approach.

Of course, it’s great to be able to see what all your friends are doing within a two minute span. It’s even fun to see what your enemies lives bring. You can like hundreds of “pages” that start to tell the story of your life. Put up pictures that no one really cares about. Make status updates about what time you got up this morning, and when you took your dog out for a stroll around the park. If you’re really lucky, you might even get a boyfriend from Saudi Arabia.

Social networks give us a false sense of popularity. You can have hundreds possibly thousands of friends, but how many of these friends do you actually talk to, or hang out with in real life? People start competing against each other, to see who can get more “friends”. Accepting requests from people they don’t know, and adding people that are from other continents. “ YES! I now have 973 friends! BEAT THAT!” ..sure you have those 973 friends, but how many are people you know, and how many are questionable as human beings. Some may be pedophiles, or sex offenders, an alien or two, but that’s not important, as long as that number of friends is higher than how much you weigh.

It’s a very natural occurrence to go up to someone, and be like ‘hey, I want to be friends. Confirm or deny?’ ‘I accept your friendship’. I do this every day, without a doubt.

Like most people who have a social networking page, you probably waste valuable time on there. Instead of being with your grandma who is dying, you are updating that status to “I JUST SAW A LLAMA IN MY DRIVEWAY”. First off, that isn’t very logical unless you live in a jungle, and second, nobody cares. I for one am so happy to live in a society where this is what is acceptable. Being friends over the internet does not mean I would invite you to my sweet sixteen, or wedding. How many of these so-called friend would even go to my funeral?

Now of course these networking sites have positives. It’s just a shame that I couldn’t think of any.

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