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October 10, 2010
By , NOIDA, India
A few years ago, you would expect a teen to be playing games on the computer or chatting on social networking sites. While these trends continue even today, a new website has joined the list of 'must visit' sites on the internet. In case you have not guessed, it is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a user generated website that provides information on almost everything. Type anything into the search box and you'll see a Wikipedia entry for the topic. Wikipedia has had huge influence among teenagers. If you ask your friends about the sites they visit, they are sure to mention Wikipedia. There is no internet user in the world who doesn't know about Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has a lot of positive effects on its users. Knowledge is mostly considered positive and parents are more than happy to see their kids whiling away time on Wikipedia rather than on games and social networking. Teens have also benefitted from Wikipedia. They can find information on almost anything that baffles, troubles or interests them.
A lot of information is available to users through Wikipedia. There are some 'taboo' topics which people find difficult to discuss with others and obtaining information becomes difficult. However, on Wikipedia, you can obtain information on everything and make correct and scientific decisions because of proper knowledge. Wikipedia helps its users develop scientific minds and questions the laws of the universe. This is the birth of an inventor's mind.
For casual users, Wikipedia has information on almost everything from every culture.

However, there have been some anxiety about the accuracy of information on Wikipedia. Being a user generated community, there are chances of flaws. Many articles are continuously corrected. Hence, people who see the article before editing obtain wrong information. Wikipedia also reduces human interaction. While social networking sites are bigger players in this issue, Wikipedia, by providing information discourages people to talk to each other and learn from first hand experience.

Wikipedia is a boon when used to its fullest and used correctly. Wikipedia is becoming a trend. People are slowly gaining interest in knowing about things thanks to Wikipedia.

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