Do you really have to see your New Text ASAP?

June 19, 2010
By Anonymous

While You're driving, or if your older sister, or whoever is driving, they get a text, they JUST have to look and reply. I've seen this many, a couple times. My older sister, shes driving, gets a text, replies, while replying the car is wobbling on the road. Your new TEXTS can wait till later. They may be important, but still. Do you really have to see the new text message ASAP? Does it really matter? Even if you texted the person earlier, they would reply ASAP. People are so anxious and excited when they receive texts, in their mobile phones. I, honestly, do the same. I am a hypocrite, but HEY, at least I know I am. We should stop these little hobbies of ours, and start thinking of whats better. Whats the best thing to do. Just wait till your done driving, or whatever your doing. Because your life may be on the line. You may cause accidents to happen. Just because you received a "new" text message.

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