Fashion, The Serial Killer

January 28, 2010
By unidentifiedflyingplane BRONZE, Congers, New York
unidentifiedflyingplane BRONZE, Congers, New York
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"Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't." -Mark Twain

With all the hype that has been going around about how to lose weight “in a matter of days” with special drugs or exercising way too much. “Get better results with less work and less time!” you here the radio say. “It’s fast and easy, just call 1-(800)…” You’re already holding your phone, making the call. You get the kit, stare at it and never look at it again. Does this apply to you? Do you feel like you cannot concentrate on your weight? You’re only 120lbs and you think you’re fat. You can’t fit into clothes that you want to fit into. But, the problem lies, not within your weight. No, you are the size of what dieticians call, “a normal human being”. You don’t feel that way. The truth is simple. Fashion today has become the idea of starving yourself into clothes. Now, I’m not saying, “Eat as much as you want! It doesn’t matter how big you are!” That would be false. The key is being healthy. Don’t starve yourself into clothes. It only makes everything worse. And I know, you’ve heard this all before. Maybe from teachers or parents or any type of loved one. But, have you listened? Do you still stare at yourself in a mirror and then glance at the fashion magazine and wonder, “I wish I could be like that.”? You sigh, put the magazine down, and walk into the kitchen and eat lunch. There is no need to feel bad about your weight. You’re a PERSON. People EAT. That is just a fact of life. Why be, in reality, an alien? It’s not attractive. You’d look like you are right about to jump into the grave. All you’re doing now is digging it up. It would be easier to take a gun and shoot yourself. Why kill yourself slowly, right? But, here’s the thing. It’s murder, not suicide. And the culprit? That would be the industry that calls themselves “Fashion”. Don’t be a victim to somebody who, in truth, doesn’t even know you exist. I used to be the same way. I know I’m overweight. Probably over the healthy limit by a couple of pounds. I would walk to my mirror everyday and think of all these things that I could do to get rid of my weight. Then I would think, “That’s much too hard to do. I would never be able to do that.” After some time, I realized that I don’t need to fit into clothes that are only a “size two”, if that exists. And, if a guy only wants you because you’re a size two and fit into clothes that nobody else fits into, he’s not a guy. He’s a coward. Don’t conform to the things that people put against you. It only hurts when you give in.

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