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Spanish Music

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Spanish music has been living for a long time and it just keeps getting better. We started from Mexican to Tropicales to Cumbia to Urbana to Pop to Romantics and we still have these five types.

Mexican was our first type of music which it contains Band and the new type that came in 2011, Tribal. One example of band is Gerardo Ortiz and his song Damaso and the example of Tribal is 3BallMTY with their song Intentalo. You should listen to this type of music if you like dancing and like getting close to females. Also, the song Damaso inspires people and this is one of my favorite songs. Here are other top Mexican type music artists, Intocable, Duelo, Montez De Durango, and Capaz De La Sierra.

One of our best Tropical artists is Prince Royce. Tropicales is one of the music you can dance, one example is Bachata. Not only that, this Tropicales is romantic music too. So you can listen to this type of music in order to find love. That is why you should listen to Tropicales.

The kings of Cumbia are the friends, brothers, and boyfriend of Selena, they are the Kumbia Kings. These guys have taken Cumbia to really top levels. Some of their songs are Fuego, Se Fue, Fuiste Mala, and Me Enamore Otra Vez. Other Cumbia artists are Los Telez, Los Yaguaru, and Chicos Aventura. This music is used to dance on streets and hip hop.

Urbana is a type of Cumbia that is also used to dance and to stay awake. One of our artists is Flex and El Dragon. With Flex song Te Amo and El Dragon song Mi Vida Eres Tu. Let’s not forget our top Urbana singer Juan Magan. One of Magan top song is Bailando Por El Mundo.

Pop is all around the world so I don’t think I need to explain what this means. Camila which is the top pop singer in my opinion has a lot of romantic songs. The examples are Besame, Entre Tus Alas, De Que Me Sirve La Vida, De Mi, and Dejarte De Amar. Then we got the princess of pop and this is a fact Belinda. She also has romantic songs like En La Oscuridad.

Romanticas is use to find love and the example is Camila. The top best romantic song is Mis Ojos LLoran Por Ti from Big Boy. This song has been here and still listen and never forgotten for seven years. This is why you should listen to Romanticas. Spanish music is the most romantic in the world.

This is why should listen to Spanish music to dance, find love, and enjoy it. That’s all.

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