Violence Caused by Media

March 24, 2011
By maggie94 BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
maggie94 BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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Where exactly do kids get their tempers from? Is it from home life, or is it from what they hear going on in the media, in their role models life? All these gangs are getting started. Bullying happens more and more every day, especially in young teens. There are more suicides in our lives today because of the bullying. There are also more murders due to these gangs that are being created. These gangs are being created because of the media and what their role models are doing in life. What they see is how they act towards others and themselves. Kids don’t know how to determine between fantasy and real life. The media is a huge part in teen’s lives today especially in a violent way. The media always isn’t a good thing in life.

Gangs are like wolf packs; they all stand together and will protect their “people” no matter what. If you rub a certain gang a wrong way, you better watch out. Or so everyone says. Many rappers are in gangs, and many people all over the world are in gangs because of what they see and hear. On September 13, 1996 a rapper named Tupac died because he was shot by a gang member. Tupac was involved in a lot of gang violence, and everyone knew it because of the media. On March 9, 1997 Biggie Smalls was pronounced dead due to a shooting and gang violence. These two and so many other rappers were shot to death due to gang violence. This is what is happening today in our society because of gang violence. What they hear and see is what they do and how they act. This is what the world is coming to because of the media. It puts stupid thoughts into adults, and teen’s heads that make them do certain things they shouldn’t do.

Bullying is a huge part of our society, and bullies don’t necessarily murder people but they put people to the edge. I guess some people would say that they are murders. Teens from 12 and on are killing themselves because they are either gay, not proportioned right, have sent pictures around and many other reasons. The numbers in teen suicides are raising everyday in our society. We try to make it seem like nothing’s happening but it just keeps coming. Teen suicide is the fifth leading cause to deaths for teens between the ages of 15-24. It is the fourth leading cause to deaths for teens between the ages of 10-14. A resource center found that almost every 1 in 5 teens had thought about suicide, 1 in every 6 teens had made planes for suicide and more than 1 in 12 teens attempted suicide.

Children, starting at young ages, are imitating what actors are doing on television. They don’t know the difference between real life and fantasy when they see it. When they see their favorite super hero or a famous person on television fighting with dangerous weapons they don’t understand it’s not okay to do that in real life. The actors are just acting and the stunts they do aren’t real. They feel that using guns is okay because people on television do it. They will use their hands as weapons to “shoot” other kids when they are playing. My mom worked at a day care and had to deal with little boys “shooting” their friends. My mother did not tolerate that what so ever. Now she has two little boys that she watches and they parents are very much into the war, so they have guns around. They let their kids use their hands and whatever else they can find to “shoot” around. Again my mom does not tolerate that. Children will grow up thinking its okay to use guns unless we as the role models teach them else wise. The media should start doing that to.

The media is no help in our crime and suicide rates. It’s like they urge it more and more. The more they put into to teens heads the more its happening and we can’t do anything about it. It’s sad to hear that teens everywhere think about committing suicide because of someone else that’s bothering them. It’s even sadder to see that teens are actually committing suicide. Stories of gang violence happen in the media all the time. We look to our kids and our siblings for our future. If more and more violence is shown by the media then we really don’t have a bright future. The media and we as a society need to help our teens and kids understand violence is not okay.

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