I'm Just Your Average Teen Celebrity

October 28, 2010
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I’m seriously considering why the heck I still watch all that Disney crap (mostly because I’m super bored and have no life whatsoever). Kids are being brainwashed with the idea that one day they’ll be famous like Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers or whatever other shit they play on that network. What about shows like Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Phil of the Future, Boy Meets World, Sister Sister? Shows that portrayed real, average teens who didn’t play double lives as pop stars or were a famous band who went to a private high school in an effort to be ‘normal’ kids? Shows with problems we as kids face every day in our lives as we grow up? How about shows that are actually funny?

While Disney was always a commercial highway, it’s become even more focused on that. I feel like every single movie or TV show that is being produced on this network these days revolves around being famous or wanting to be famous. Seriously, Camp Rock, High School Musical, Starstruck, all that stuff—have you noticed it’s just promoting the entertainment business?

Even Nickelodeon—with iCarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush? MORE kids striving to be famous? Like, can you cool it please with the whole famous thing?

I feel like the only decent show that is played on Disney nowadays is Wizards of Waverly Place - that’s pretty much the only show I’ll sit through. But now that’s being cancelled. And they’re replacing it with that crap about two 9 year olds that can’t act trying to be on a dance show? We finally get rid of Hannah Montana, and you just bring it back in an even more annoying form. Dear God, I am beginning to think of stopping watching TV altogether, because it does not help me, increase my intelligence, or teach me one thing about boys, like it's supposed to.

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