Crazy Love, Crazy for Change

April 13, 2010
By rachel.s BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
rachel.s BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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On October 9th, 2009, Crazy Love hit stores. After only three days of sales, 132,000 copies of the album had already been sold, earning it the top slot of the Billboard 200 chart. Since its release the album has sold nearly four million copies. This was a huge success for Michael Bublé. However, the question of why this album, and not any of his others, has been such a smashing success has a disappointing answer.

The work on Crazy Love was tremendous, as Michael Bublé and his numerous band members and directors worked hard to give Michael a new sound. The previous albums and songs released by Bublé were similar and sometimes the same songs that great Crooners such as Frank Sinatra sang. The old songs and albums were an older, more dynamic type of music that is missed today. This new album, Crazy Love, is considered a pop album and a definite change from Bublé’s old genre of music. Crazy Love has brought popularity to Bublé, merely because it is the often listened to genre of pop.

Not only did the sound of his music change, but Bublé’s appearance on the stage changed also. When Michael Bublé performed his concert at Madison Square Garden, before the new album debuted, he was clad in a nice suit. And, when he made guest appearances, he would wear a nice shirt and nice pants that looked serious and professional. However, after the new pop album was released, Bublé appeared on Saturday Night Live, the Ellen Show, and the Today Show, in skinny jeans. One can only interpret this dramatic change in wardrobe as a performer’s attempt to target a new audience.

Michael Bublé had previously won the hearts of mostly women, not teenage girls, with his Crooner style. Currently, however, Bublé has won the hearts of a majority of both teens and adults with his pop album. Teenagers poured in to see him perform at the Vancouver Olympics, and many more purchased tickets for his Crazy Love tour. Though one could appreciate the music and effort put into this album, it is sad that a great artist such as Michael Bublé had to change everything about his stage presence to win some attention. Bublé’s previous Crooner style was uncommon and enjoyable, but now the singer fits into the same generic category of music as every other popular singer on the radio.

This is not happening only to Bublé. Singers and performers alike are encouraged to change their stage appearance and sound to please eager crowds. The truth is, the common person is pushing artists to become stuck in the popular rut. People listen to the radio, and when they hear a song they like, they consider purchasing the album. Bublé made it to the radio with Crazy Love, and this only sets an example and persuades more artists to follow his doing and change. This is not pleasing to people who prefer music other than the same old rap and pop. Yet still, the music world has turned into a group of artists crazy for change.

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