The Year That Felt Like a Thousand

March 8, 2017
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It was her freshman year. She had no intentions of falling in love, breaking one’s heart, and completely flip-flopping her life around. It happened though. People told her they could see it coming, but she denied it every time.

“He’s my best friend,” she’d laugh and say. She would think later in the night about how sweet he was. How he treated her differently than others. She’d tell herself that maybe everyone was right, that they were interested in each other. But definitely not in love. Falling in love was something that teenagers wouldn’t know.

Months piled on and as much as she denied it, she was madly in love with this one boy who had come into her life at the beginning of freshman year. The first lessoned learned, anybody can experience love.

There were issues with this deep love she had for him though. He was her most dear and precious friend. She cried just thinking about losing him. On top of that, this, love boy, we’ll call him, his friend was madly in love with the girl. He treasured her and treated her too kindly knowing she was focusing her attention on the love boy.
“I love you,” were words that slipped from the girl's lips one too many times to the love boy. See, the love boy had never felt the same towards her. He wanted her body, not her. So, as suspected, a fight broke out and not only did the relationship end, but many friendships did as well. The boy who had been in love with the girl realized that he had no chance and was devastated. The second lesson learned, everyone will have their highschool heart-breaks.

More months slip by and the love boy is in a relationship, the girl is seeing someone, but no longer trusts the same, and the boy who was is love, has fallen back in. She cannot date, she wants to focus. But now she is happy. She is no longer friends with the boy, but that doesn’t bother her anymore. She sees him in the hall with his new girlfriend everyday and wonders why he treats her so nastily. But she stays out of it. She has found someone who’s happiness is more important than her own because as long as they are happy, so is she. This short year felt like a thousand, as if she had been through everything, but it was only getting started. Final lesson learned, not all people are meant to stay in your life.

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