I Am in Love, Help Me.

December 22, 2013
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" i will cry for both of us....". It's been a week since i've been crying the tears of my body every night. i cry every night to release the pain and the pressure i'm being under.i cry everynight to hide my tears the day i'll be forced to leave him, the day i'll see him with another one, the day he will give his name to another woman, the day another kid but mine would call him daddy... i have one love in my life.one person that i would die without. one person i'm not allowed to love, to marry or even to be with. i know him for over 7 years and i fell for him like i never fell before for anyone. He loves me more than anything, planned me in his life, and promised to give me his name and make me the mother of his children. he makes a real sens to my life, gives me a reason to smile, and make me wait the see his face or hear his voice even thru the phone. it was all okay between us until my mother stood in the way. She doesn't want him, doesn't like him and refuses any kind of relationship between us. she thinks he is not handsome enough not rich enough not smart enough, not from my social rank... not good for me. i have noway to convince her of the opposit or even let her know she is wrong i don't know what to do. wheather i choose him and loose her or the other way around. i am loosing both ways and i know it. tell me what to do i'm lost...i'm in love.

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