I didn't want to say it

July 2, 2012
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I love you. 8 letters, simple, with so much meaning and so much power. The hold you're world, at least they hold my world. If I say I love you, I mean it. When I say I love you it means i care and worry about you. It means I want to talk to you 24/7, to cuddle with you, for you to hold me tight. Treat me like I'm valuable-that if you lost me, you've lost love. I want to touch you and kiss you and know I have you. I didn't want to say I love you. It would make me vulnerable. It would mean you can break me at any second, it would mean I'd cry, and laugh and smile and scream and yell and get angry. It would mean I'd have emotions amplified times a thousand. I love you-power. I didn't want to say it, that doesn't mean I didn't feel it.

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