How to Say 'Goodbye'

June 6, 2012
By JFM62696 SILVER, Hamlin, Iowa
JFM62696 SILVER, Hamlin, Iowa
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It’s a concept people for ages have tried to understand. Trying to understand how to say ‘Goodbye’ to either end a friendship between friends, a relationship between persons that dated or where married, or saying ‘Goodbye’ at the end of a life.

There’s a saying and it goes like this: “Don’t say goodbye, say see you later.”- Unknown. This saying is over used a lot of the time and it sends a mixed message to the word ‘Goodbye.’

In one’s mind thinking through and planning out a way to say ‘Goodbye’ is so, so much easier than pulling through with the plan. The mind consumes what we want the person’s reaction to be and plays that role in our thoughts. When the time comes to either be face to face with the person, pressing send, or picking up the phone our commonsense starts to take over and makes us realize that what we want to happen and what might actually happen are completely different. Some might start to panic and their palms become sweaty and they decide not to fallow through or they might follow through.

Ending ones relationship, whether it is dating or marriage, the mind becomes scared to hurt or damage another human being’s feelings. Yes, all of the people out there that say they are scared of nothing aren’t being true to themselves. Ask a person what they are scared of; if they say nothing ask “What about a goodbye?” It’s not trying to under mind a person it’s the fact of making them open their eyes and realize that they are in fact scared of a ‘Goodbye.’

Saying ‘Goodbye’ at the end of a life is where the saying “Don’t say goodbye, say see you later,” comes into effect at. Don’t get me wrong saying ‘Goodbye’ to a really close friend or at the end of a relationship is just as hard, but the human mind tries to wrap it’s thoughts around that and grasp it a little harder. At the end of a life ‘Goodbye’ a person thinks and reacts before the mind can try to process what has happened. A person thinks and reacts before because that’s what comes natural, sure later on the mind gets a chance to process the happenings, but not before a person pants the thinking and reaction.

Now that if you will take all that in for consideration ‘Goodbye’ isn’t just a word now, is it?

No. It’s so much more than just a word. That’s why people can’t understand the word and concept of ‘Goodbye.’ Why the saying: “Don’t say goodbye, say see you later,” is a mixed message is because it under minds ‘Goodbye’ and tries to corrupt the good side of ‘Goodbye.’ Saying ‘Goodbye’ doesn’t have to mean for forever. It can mean for a day, a week, a month, a year, a life time, or until you meet again at heaven’s gates. In a personal opinion saying ‘Goodbye’ takes so much more courage and strength than to say ‘See you later.’ If a person can overcome the fear and misunderstanding of ‘Goodbye’ a person can go on in the world or in heaven and feel like they have the ability to overcome any and every obstacle thrown their way.

‘Goodbye’ isn’t just a word anymore, it’s so much more that the human mind can't even attempt to try and wrap it's thoughts around it.

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