One in a Million

January 7, 2012
When I look into her eyes it’s like watching the night sky. Her eyes are like the stars on a calm summer night. Looking in her eyes brings joy and piece to me. Her beautiful milk chocolate hair flows down her back like the Hudson river. Her smile creates a joyous atmosphere where ever she goes. She has a great sense of humor along with her smile. She could entertain you for hours and not get bored. She had a laugh that felt so warming. Furthermore her hugs were so heartwarming. At times you just want to hold on to her and never let go. Then her hands are just so soft its like touching the clouds in the cool blue sky.

“Hey” is the three letter word that first comes out of her mouth when I see her. After that I am not sure what to say because I think about how lucky I am that she is talking to me. My heart beats so fast that I am afraid she will hear it. If I know what love is it is because of her. In my heart there is a special section just for her.

She plays the piano so smoothly it fits her character. What really catches my attention is how she treats other people before she treats herself. She treats everyone with a full heart.

When I am with her an hour seems like a day I just can’t spend enough time with her. When I’m around her I just seem joyful. She is beautiful both in and out. If I could make her happy everyday of her life I would be the happiest person ever. She shows excitement in everything she does; from playing piano to her friends and family. She is truly one in a million.

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