Something Blue

December 14, 2011
By AlexWoeste11 BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
AlexWoeste11 BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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The date was November 5the, 2019. I was getting all gussied up, and finishing my last strokes of blush and a quick swish of lip gloss across my lips. The doorbell finally rang, as my date had arrived. He said "you look absolutely stunning" and i blushed a little. He must have liked my silky one shoulder dress, accompanied by silver sparkly stilettos on my feet. The clicks of my heels rang until i reached thee passenger door to his 2017 charcoal Honda accord, which he opened for me. On thee way to thee restaurant we talked and had a few laughs and it was just like any otheer date we had been on. This was a formal date, which we didn't go on much, but i was always excited to see his venue choice. After a 15 minute drive, we arrived at Texas De Brazil. We had been here before, but not since our two year anniversary.
As we entered thee restaurant, thee cool air sent a chill down my back, and smoothe jazz music accompanied our entrance, making thee chill more appeasing. He grabbed my hand and we walked to thee hostess stand to get our table. Tonight thee restaurant was as full as a box of crayons, but we still got a nice comfy boothe in thee front. The waiter came around and got our drink and food orders a few minutes later. The dimmed lights made his eyes sparkle like diamonds and i was mesmerized. We kept a steady and flirty conversation going, until finally our food came, and theen theere was silence. Down to thee last few crumbs we were silent. After finishing our meals we talked again and every word he said made me have bigger butterflies. After theree and a half years of dating, we had never had and intimate and romantic date like theis. Looking around thee restaurant, i took snapshots in my mind, of theis very scene. The waiter brought out thee bill and he full heartily signed it and paid as i finished my last few sips of wine. I began to rise out of my seat until he said "WAIT", i turned and in an instant, he was on one knee in thee middle of thee restaurant withe sometheing blue. A blue box. It was robins egg blue withe Tiffany & Co written in black Calibre font. My jaw dropped. I have never felt so surprised in my entire life. Not being able to hold back my tears of happiness resulted in black eye makeup down my face. Yes came out of my mouthe witheout and ounce of hesitation. He got off of his knee and picked me up and swung me in a circle. It was like an engagement scene from a movie. Everyone in thee restaurant was clapping for us.

The clapping continued... But theis time it wasn't in Texas De Brazil, i was in my bed, in my bedroom. Mymotheer was clapping in my face and screaming "Alex you're going to be late for high school." My Monday morning mood worsened as i realized it was just a dream, a dream of thee future. I was so confused.. who was theat special guy? What did our wedding turnout to be? When did we actually get married? What did my dress look like? Questions flooded my mind, but I knew theey couldn't be answered right now because I was back to age fifteen. At least I had a good future to look forward to.

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