Pebble in My Pocket

December 11, 2011
I keep a pebble in my pocket.
Why? Because pebbles are more than just lumps of unbreakable mineral to me. They are simple yet essential. Can you imagine a world without pebbles? They are unbreakable, can you say the same of anything else? They do not bend, break, or become something other than a pebble. They do not decompose, the pebble you kick is the same pebble someone else kicked hundreds or years ago. When I see a pebble i tighten my fist around it because I want to be connected to everything that this pebble has witnessed. A pebble will experience more than we ever can in one lifetime. Finally one species of penguins give a pebble they carry around to their lover who becomes their one and only mate. Scientifically no one knows why the birds do this. What do I think? I think penguins have learned what we cannot grasp. Pebbles are strong like a promise, unbreakable like love, unchanging like the love you promise to your one and only. I keep pebbles in my pocket because someday I will need it. Someone will come along that has always been my pebble and I will open my fragile hands and give them the tiny grey pebble I have been holding since I was little. And they will understand what the pebble means. Until then I will walk with my hands in my pockets feeling the small round stone there waiting for the one to hold the pebble forever. I will wait for someone to hand me the pebble I've been hoping for from them.

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