to love without expectations

August 22, 2011
By even_though_i_love_u SILVER, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, California
even_though_i_love_u SILVER, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, California
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"There are three things that truley belong to you in this world. your body, soul , and the ability to love and be loved" - alex

I gave you everything today. I let you explore parts of me unknown. Parts that not even I want to think about while washing up in the shower. Oh what my mother would say if she knew! A holy woman such as herself, to know that her daughter had just committed one of the most disturbing sins next to murder and blasphemy. What would she think of me? I know it may sound horrible of me but I am starting to doubt that I care. I gave away my innocence to you. My white dress frolicking in the tall field of flowers, no longer am I able to wear it. I tell you this not to make you feel guilt or sorry we did this. I tell you this because I love you. I love you enough to give away the one thing that was ever truthfully mine. I love you enough to let you love me more than I could ever comprehend. I just want to thank you. For showing me that there is a life for me outside of the big white church doors. For letting me explore the wild side of life and the wild side of myself, but most of all thank you for allowing me to love without limits or expectations.

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i thought about everything i ever did to disappoint my mother and began writing .

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