Love with the Reality Factor

June 4, 2011
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Like at first sight, heartbreak, betrayal, revenge, all so neatly tied up together in this thing we call 'love'.
Personally, when I hear teenagers discuss love, and when reading many articles, this is what is going on in my head:
"These people are so freaking stupid."
Sorry if I inevitably offended many of you, but it’s simply unrealistic to yearn for love at this age.
It’s a natural emotion, but those who are heartbroken because their other cheated or something wouldn't have to bear the pain in the first place if they just controlled their feelings.
This is what you are likely thinking now: Love can’t be controlled, love is genuine regardless of age!
Yes, that is true, teenage love exists, but I believe it is rare.
Adolescence is the transitional phase between childhood and maturity. At this time, we are all switching our old pastimes to bigger, brighter phenomenon.
All these new things that come attached to the puberty deal and we tackle that nagging old question: Who am I?
Be sober from dreams and hopes; while we explore and create, while in the process of discovering out where we fit in the world, how the heck can we be ruled by infatuation? Seriously.
To be frank, I don’t believe love can coexist with this finding your identity crap.
Love is only a distraction from you. Focus on you. Then worry about love and whether or not you’ll find it.
Life is tough enough at this age.

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JustineD said...
Jul. 7, 2011 at 5:25 pm

True, during puberty we are discovering who we are as people, but I find that when people form relationships they grow together.  Sometimes people grow apart, but in other times this will only increase their bond.

Teenage love does exist, and maybe it is rare, but I know that the person I'm with right now loves me. Despite our age. 

Your line 'Love is only a distraction from you. Focus on you. Then worry about love and whether or not you'll find it. Life is tough enoug... (more »)

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