Ubi Est Amor?

April 13, 2011
Where is it? Where has it gone? I look around, panicked and perturbed, but I see it no where! I have ran across filthy city streets, extensive countryside roads, copious alleyways, shortcuts, and bending boulevards, yet I see not the sight, nor hear the hoorays of lively love! The cobble stone walkways and lanky buildings that cracked their backs to the sky have grown worn and weary; looking sullen and somber against the sole sky. The sunlight that rained down upon this earth has lost its jovial caliber. A once free light now has been divinized a false glorified meaning. We have instilled a venerable sense of falseness that we so proudly boast into the sun! We call it holy! We call it righteous! Yes, we the people.

And what of the people? Their faces lay the look of discontentment and disgruntlement. They walk around with a walk of high pretentiousness, sauntering cockeyed and highbred, as if they were bestowing upon the world an epiphanic answer to myriad problems that plague us; the myriad problems they plague us with. Their acidic acts eat away at our nature. They eat and mock what is human, and they wish to destroy all that is within our element. They call us weak, pointless, insignificant, or simply wrong. They bog us down with the new false element; the replacement to the word ‘human’. They have brought us rules and regulations, all deified and adored; worshiped by its greatest enemy.

And within its path it has locked on love as its target. It wishes to remove love from human hearts. All that is pretty and all that has meaning must be abandoned before the coming storm. But this great torrent that we fear, this great cataract crash that which we so hold dearly with contempt and horror, could already be upon us. It’s great whitecaps may be drowning us as we unconsciously gurgle and choke out lying lyrics.

But we don’t know is that we already know. We already know what love is, or at least we knew. And I wish that before I slip into the sanctified darkness of death, that I see a single vision. I wish for a renascence of the concept of love. A renaissance of passion, tenderness, warmth, and freedom! For I shall say before love’s dying breath, the true nature of love.

Love is human. Love is what defines a principal piece of humanity. Love is something that is so intrinsic to humanity, it is so definitive in hominid nature, that petty things such as good and evil could not touch nor disrupt the true value of Love. Love is so intricately laid out, yet at the same time, so organic and pure that even mere mortals are blessed with this wondrous sentiment, this wondrous passion! Love stands on its own accord; it needs not a place in the moral macrocosm. So detailed it is, yet it itself is its own defining thing. Love is an element on its own; a rushing wind that flies through the valleys and vales of the world. It settles in the most sacred of alcoves, and brings color to live! Yes, a glorious chorus of colors and curiosities so sublime! With a rush and a roar, it takes to the empyrean skies, taking all whom believe in it to a sunset so divine. Never has a beautiful canvas draped the rising horizon with such a beauteous sense of merriment. Love is the quintessence of what is untouchable by petty morals; good and evil. The troubling double could never interfere with something such as this.

It looks like the world is quiet now. But I see in the skyline a plausible chance of such a rejuvenation. All I can do is wait and whither. It will come when it will come, for as long as someone believes in love, it will never die. I love life, and I love fate. In the meantime, I’ll wait for this homecoming. Whether it happens or not, I’ll believe in it, for as long as someone does, it lives on. I stand a proud memento; a damn proud memento at that.

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MKimmi said...
May 2, 2011 at 6:28 pm
i agree with your opinion
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