To Girls: Looking for Love and Acceptance were you will never find it

March 1, 2011
When you walk down a street and see the sign with the new top model you think I am no pretty. NO, you are who you are supposed to be, a beautiful creation of God that is so beautiful. You look for love with a guy who just wants one night with you so you can feel loved, he does not love you for who you are he loves your body. A guy that truly loves you will wait for you. What if he will not? Then he is not the kind of guy you want to marry. In my ministry even now as a high schooler, you see girls cutting, getting raped, having sex, sexting. What are you saving for the man you will one day marry. Love isn’t sex that is just a tip off the iceberg. If you could see what love is? In the Greek language there are three words for love. Philia this love is more of a friendship or brotherly love. Why do people have boyfriends and girlfriends when they are even friends with them? The second one is Eros which is a sexual love, that is supposed to be between a husband and wife. Agape the unconditional love, if someone has this love for you like God they cannot stop loving you because they love you no matter what happens or what you do. If you want to feel loved have that in a marriage, it will be amazing what happens. If you say who will love be for me? Here is the answer God will and I will, if you ever have a question just comment and I will answer. Some of the girls reading might be like well that guy is just being sweet or want something. No I am telling you the complete and honest truth and all I want you to know is 1. God loved you and saved you 2. You are so beautiful just the way you are.

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