Never Give In

February 4, 2011
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As a teen, have you ever claimed to be in love? Almost every person has their first real relationship in high school and as much as the girl gives and tries, it does not work out. Teenage girls always think they are in love with their oh-so-amazing-and-dedicated boyfriend who totally loves them back. Little do they know, ten years from now they will be chuckling at themselves for thinking so crazy.

Young girls always tend to fall for guys with good looks and charming ways. Girls will do anything to get those cuties and guys always seem to know it. Boys will make girls chase them and try to get girls to do stuff for them and that’s inappropriate for teenagers. Young guys these days have no respect for female.

Teenage girls always commit their life and time to guys although guys don’t give the same back. Us girls make ourselves believe that guys and faithful and honest. Most of the time guys are not genuine or trustworthy in high school. They are much too immature and dedicated to pleasing their crew than to get tied down. Girls don’t like to think that though. Even if they realize its reality.

Sometime in a girl’s life they grow up and become an independent woman. Women are more knowledgeable then love struck teenage girls simply because there was a time in their life when they were drooling over guys. As girls grow and have been hurt, then they notice guys are not always charming and honest as they appear to be. Girls also realize how ridiculous they were when that thought they were in love.

Teenage girls always think they are in love but that fake fairytale will end. Girls put to much trust and commitment into relationships resulting in a broken heart. While we all acknowledge that being in a relationship is a fun experience, I urge teens to mature and to recognize the bad affects of dating and committing at such a young age.

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