February 4, 2011
Relationships are one the most important factors keeping our existence. Relationships can either make people really happy or relationships can make people feel depressed. Yet, as time goes on it seems that more and more relationships end in heartbreak and betrayal. Statistics show that two out of every three marriages end in divorce. But what happens to make so many relationships go wrong? The main component that makes or breaks any relationship is how well both parties communicate with each other.

Lack of communication can be the cause for eighty percent of a couple’s fights. If they do not tell each other important problems or mistakes that they made it could escalate into major fights and even result in a divorce or a break up. For example, if a married couple is starting to go into debt but only one person in the couple knew about it then it could cause a major fight and or divorce. If they had both just talked about the problem then a lot of tears and frustration would have been saved because they communicated.

Another reason why lack of communication can be a disadvantage in a relationship is when either the boy or the girl involved in the relationship is extremely possessive or clings to the other person in the relationship a lot more than necessary. This scenario mostly happens in teen relationships, but it is still possible to fix this problem by talking to each other. For instance, say the boy is always hovering around his girlfriend and he wants to know where she is and what she is doing at all times. The girl could just break up with him because she is sick of him always being there, or she could confront him about the matter and they could both talk their problems out and solve them.

Communication is what holds all relationships together, and without communication no relationship will last very long.

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