Unite Hands

December 14, 2010
By CapnCatiee GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
CapnCatiee GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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It's okay to be gay.
It's okay to be straight.
We're all different people, But we all deserve the same rights.
People who are Gay, Bi, or Lesbian, deserve just as much as anyone else. Marriage is a bond between 2 people who want to spend their life together, whether it be
a man and a woman,
a man and a man,
a woman and a woman,
Love & unity should bind each other.
There is no reason to punish, to persecute or to deny rights of anyone just because they like something different.
Depriving gays and lesbians of marriage is unnecessary. It is like punishing someone because they like Blue and you like Green. It is a silly belief based on opinion.
Government and religion mix about as well as water and oil. There should not be laws against gay marriage, as there are not laws against White marriages, Black marriages, Asian marriages, or Indian marriages. (Or any other marriages at that.)
Unity is a choice.
Religion is a choice.
Beliefs are a choice.
Why not homosexual marriages?
If someone loves another, they should be able to show it. If someone does not approve of it, they should at least have the respect to turn away and let them be. What if all the Gays and Lesbians got together and protested straight marriages?
What if they called straight people
What if they tagged the walls with
"God hates you! Go home!" ?
Now the straight population wouldn't like that very much, right?
It's disrespectful.
It's disappointing.
It's hurtful.
Whether we were created by a god,
Evolved from apes,
or merely born from 2 individuals,
We are all people. We like respect. We like dignity. We like individuality. We like freedom.
We like the choice.

The author's comments:
I believe we should all join together, hand in hand, soul in soul, smile in smile, and tell each other, 'Hey, we're not so different.'

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