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November 25, 2010
By Raye74 SILVER, Newnan, Georgia
Raye74 SILVER, Newnan, Georgia
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" Love is the most beautiful of dreams and the worst of nightmares." — William Shakespeare William Shakespeare, one of the best poets and playwrights of all time, wrote these words. A lot of people take love for granted; they do not know how powerful the mysterious emotion is, or how much happiness it can bring. They do not understand how much pain it can cause. How can the same emotion bring the best of joys to one person, yet the deepest depression to the next? During the teenage years, people discover this little thing called love and realize it can result in the best and the worst outcome. Some people love with their heart, others with their eyes. The amusing happy side of love is phenomenal; it brings a feeling of being wanted and needed. People can rest every night with a little smirk on their face because they feel as though no one can ruin their mood. However, there is also a dark side to love. It can make people feel worthless, unwanted, and just horrible. So, what do Shakespeare's words really mean? They mean that while people live their lives, they will experience both side of love. They will have pain and suffering, yet amazement and joy. Even though there are times when people are experiencing just one side, they should be prepared for the other. There is a silver lining on every cloud, so even if people go through the worst of times, the best may be still to come.

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