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April 6, 2010
By ...irie... BRONZE, Which I Left In The Mnts, Utah
...irie... BRONZE, Which I Left In The Mnts, Utah
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"Some look at things that are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not?" -George Bernard Shaw

Do you remember the first time you built a tower of blocks? Nah, most likely you were in pre-K or younger and hey, I'm sure you're smart, but you probably don't remember that day..Maybe though, you remember your first boyfriend or girlfriend?

Yadah, yadah, yadah I'm not here to give you relationship advice (too much of that) or mush you up to tears with some cheesey romance. All I'm trying to ask right now is, "do you remember your first relationship?" The first REAL one where you actually felt like your heart was on fire and your brain was occupied with nothng less than your sweetie!? Hey I remember mine. I remember him and I remember all the "hims" who followed, and as I thought about past relationships I came to a surprising conclusion that may make no sense to you.

I concluded: Relationships are a bit like building a tower out of blocks.

I realized relationships are precarious like blocks. Some are strong. Some are tall, some are short and fall easily...(Before you even get to the point falling though you have to build.) You introduce yourself, maybe give em a smile and flirt a little. Block one. Soon you know their name, maybe even their phone number! Block two. After a bit of talking laughing, -heck maybe even some inside jokes, soon you have another block to add to your tower. As the time you spend with them increases, so does your tower. Just like a toddler exploring the boundaries of gravity you are soon balancing block on top of block. After a bit of time each of you know each other overall pretty well, soon you ever so carefully (or in some cases not-so-carefully) place a block SMACK on top of another. You have just built a tiny tower, yet in your eyes this accomplishment could be as tall as the Egyptian Pyramids. Success!

After the point of really getting into your architectural design (relationship) you begin to see your tower unfold. There may be odd pieces sticking out from where there were odd findings or peculiar encounters, but your tower is growing. The days increase and soon your tower has become very large and stable..soon it reaches past even your expectations! Don't get too comfy though, for every tower may have some constuction issues...Fights come here and there and threaten to knock over everything you've worked so hard to build up! Bickering and jealousy balance blocks on their edges in a death defying act above the ground where they defy gravity..somehow though, your tower holds through. The blocks continue to build one by one, bit by bit...

Your sweetheart and you can stand by and gaze trimphuntly at the tower you have built, or you could decide to speed up and not care to look back at what you have accomplished -everyone has different building styles! Some may even prefer shingles in case of a rainstorm?

Your tower is strong. It has withstood fights, storms, even hail. Sometimes it may lean but overall it is sturdy. Maybe one day though...a block seems to be knocked out of its place...then another..and another. Before your eyes you witness your tower fall! (And this fall is not a toddler gleefully trying out the newfound power of fists!) This tumble is heartbreaking. This tumble may not be able to be repaired..or rebuilt.

Just like a relationship, you have spent countless amounts of time on something so fragile and something so not-permenant. Hey though, don't be sad -don't cry! One day soon your tower will be built again. One day you may even want to cement the blocks together?

Sometimes though, people don't see that, yes you have invested a lot of time in the tower, but it fell and soon it will be time for picking up the pieces and putting them back in the toybox. You may throw your fit for a while that's perfectly understandable. Maybe even your mom will tell you "If you are going to cry don't play with them again!" (hehe mine would) But hey, deep down we all wana be curious again, and soon we start to build another...and another..and another...Ha, so coming from the words of Irie (me!) Have fun plying with blocks, don't be scared to knock um over and start again. How can you move forward if you're afraid to try? It's all for fun right now isn't it anyway! Good luck on your next tower.

The author's comments:
This is just my point of view over relationships, enjoy!

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