Ignorance: A Danger to Our Environment

January 26, 2018
By Luigin_Teofilo SILVER, Quezon City, Other
Luigin_Teofilo SILVER, Quezon City, Other
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To start of with this article, let me state the fact that the world is slowly crumbling to pieces. We all know that this subject is very relevant since we're all familiar with the condition of what our Mother Earth is dealing with right now. Climate change and Global Warming, despite of these two things that are considered to be the major source of what's happening in our surroundings, I'd like to think otherwise from this case. Why? Because none of these things wouldn't have gotten worse if we listened immediately or followed the implemented rules and regulations of our country. In short, the problem worsened because of us. The problem of our environment was in fact our fault since we are still ignorant of the consequences of our actions.

I'm not trying to be self - righteous or hypocritical because I am guilty as well. I think a lot of us should be since we all know that throwing our garbages away improperly like from the ocean, rivers or even out there in the street could result some major damages. Still, we do this otherwise.

There is this hypothesis that we are on the verge of a sixth extinction scientifically known as "The Anthropogenic Extinction" The reason behind of the said extinction was because of man's abuse towards the environment and its resources.Thus, leading to several major catastrophic events that would obliterate the population of man. It really goes to show that our ignorance and profligacy would pave the way towards our end.

Greek philosopher, Aristotle once describe Man as a “rational animal” but I think this attribution is highly questionable now. Despite of being the only living creatures on this planet who has the capacity to think for oneself, if ignorance hinders the ability to think then no change shall occur, specifically habits of any kind deemed to be harmful for the planet.

Mother Nature is our life force. The provider of everything that we needed to survive. If we take advantage of her, then there shall be consequences. We should be more responsible with our actions and hope for the best in the future. The way we treat our mothers with love and respect, I think that is what Mother Nature also deserves to be treated.

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