If I Was the Mayor of Jacksonville

November 27, 2017
By Reaganrawls BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Reaganrawls BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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 I have always wanted to make an great impact on multiple lives in some way. When I was little I had aspiring hopes to maybe become president one day. Although that doesn't seem very practical anymore something that would suit me would be being mayor. The mayor of a town has to posses quality traits that prove that their character is genuine and righteous. My heart is in Jacksonville however, Jacksonville isn't perfect. There are many changes that Jacksonville could undergo in order to be improved. Jacksonville Florida is off the East Coast of the US. Therefore, it is prone to hurricanes. Earlier this year and natural disaster struck, hurricane Irma. Irma obliterated many people's homes and lives. In order to help these unfortunate people, if I was mayor I would construct another soles bocker center. I realize the struggle of towns not wanting to have homeless shelters because of fear that they'll look like a they have a large amount of their population unemployed never the less, I believe homeless shelters are 100% necessary because people who fell off their feet shouldn't have to walk around in the streets, begging for spare change, or sleeping on bus stop benches, or eating out of dumpers, and receiving the bare minimum just to get by and survive.


If I was mayor, another reform I would make would be to make high schools start later. Instead of having students start at 7 and 8 AM, I would makes classes start at either 9 or 10 AM for Duval and St. Johns County. Studies have shown that teenagers require the most amount of sleep out of all age groups. Teenagers undergo so many changes and are constantly put through the social and mental stress of school and it's work so they should be able to sleep in later. If this reform was made students would be less reluctant to go to school. I would also consider trying to make days an hour or so shorter. If days were a bit shorter students would be likely to retain information better and be more focused throughout the day because they wouldn't be sitting down and having information thrown at them for an extended period of time. After all, us humans can only pay attention to something not entirely intriguing for so long.

One of the last changes I would make to Jacksonville would be a spay and neuter policy. In Jacksonville, and in Florida in general, there is a rather large overpopulation of stray cats. A lot of times these cats end up as roadkill, get into people's homes, or spread fleas to people's house pets. These cats can also carry rabies and other contagious and dangerous diseases. If a good number of stray felines were caught and taken into a vet to get fixed then a lot of these problems would be eliminated because there wouldn't be as many stray cats roaming around. Though this rule may come across as harsh, it is completely necessary because there aren't enough shelters here in Jacksonville Florida for all these cats to stay and continue reproducing at the rate the are.

If I was mayor I would better Jacksonville by making these reforms. I would not let Jacksonville settle for okay. I would make as many renovations and help resolve as many issues as possible.

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