Lethal Waves

November 14, 2017
By JesusM.R. BRONZE, Sacramento, California
JesusM.R. BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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”Geoff Mackley states,” I just thought i’d never see anything like this. I’ve been to over 30 hurricanes and 35 volcanic eruptions, so i thought i’d seen everything nature could throw out, but it’s got nothing on this. Tsunamis are natural disasters that kill massive amounts of people with their powerful wave and the dangerous debris. Tsunamis are created by the aftershocks of an earthquake. The most destructive part of a tsunami is the powerful debris that can destroy anything in it’s way. Luckily, NOAA can help us know when a tsunami is going to happen.  Therefore, tsunamis are the worst Natural Disasters to experience due to the powerful debris.  


Tsunamis are caused by Earthquakes Aftershocks . For example, in the National Geographic video, the scientist talked about the tsunami initiation. In the Natural Disasters Headline Data Set , the author is saying the threat of a devastating tsunami hitting the U.S. West Coast might be higher than previously thought, scientists say, based on a new study of earthquake faults off the coast of alaska.


Tsunamis leave massive amount of damage, physically and mentally. Tsunamis give you a low chance of living , for example, in the 2004 Tsunami the women and her family were hit by the tsunami and due to the strong and powerful debris she was hit by, that almost killed her and her oldest son, but still survived. After, the tsunami happens, massive destruction is left when homes and people are all destroyed. Bodies and homes torn apart we’ll still be on the streets , and some might never be found .


NOAA are trying to predict tsunamis day by day, so the chances of you dying when it occurs are lower. NOAA stands for National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. They are sitting in a room trying to detect tsunamis and earthquakes. They test new devices that can help them know when it’s going to happen. When an earthquake happens it hits the device in the water that NOAA placed , so once it hits it can send out a signal to let them know and then the alarm goes off to warn people.


Therefore Tsunamis are the worst Natural Disasters to experience. Tsunamis are caused by an earthquake’s aftershock. They leave massive amount of damage, physically and mentally. Scientist working for NOAA are trying to figure many more ways to predict Tsunamis, so the risk of so many people dying is lower. Hopefully scientist are trying to crack the code of figuring out when these massive and destructive waves occur, so we wouldn’t have to loose any more innocent victims of the powerful wave called tsunami.

The author's comments:

 What inspired me to write this article was watching all different types of natural disasters and the destruction left behind. I felt like the damage it leaves in people mentally and physically is just very sad. I would want people to reflect on this, so that they can live life the fullest because they don't know if anything like this might happen.

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