Reducing Our Amount of Air Pollution

October 17, 2017
By AmazingAbdul BRONZE, Houston, Texas
AmazingAbdul BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Air pollution leads to global warming which causes natural disasters like hurricanes,tornadoes,and tsunamis.We all want our loved ones to be safe from these natural disasters.The only way for that to happen is to reduce our amount of air pollution.We should reduce our amount of air pollution because it harms human health,has negative effect on climate, and harmful to human health.


To begin with,air pollution is toxic to human health.According to The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia“The dramatic and debilitating effects of severe air pollution... such as the London smog of 1952 that resulted in 4,000 deaths”.It strengthens my argument because it is a prime example of air pollution harming human health.To sum up,we need to reduce our amount we expel or more will die.

Another point is that air pollution affects climate in a negative way.The text evidence from Opposing Viewpoints Online”warmer oceans result in stronger and more frequent hurricanes”.This insists that air pollution changes weather by causing destructive hurricanes and natural disasters.This proves that air pollution affects climate in negative way because it causes horrible events.

To conclude my last reason is that air pollution damages the the environment.”A relatively … result of air pollution are seasonal holes in ozone layer in atmosphere above Antarctica and the Arctic”according to US Council on Environmental Quality.This means that the layer containing the ultraviolet radiations from passing through started to break and it harmed plants because of our excess amount of air pollution.This shows that the environment is being harmed because we release too much toxic gases so the ozone layer gets holes and the radiation comes through and the environment is harmed.

In conclusion, reducing our air pollution helps because it is dangerous to humans,has critical effect on weather,and vile to our habitat and atmosphere.The ultraviolet radiations could go through ozone layer and heat up Antarctica to make it a liveable place.It will most likely not happen though.If you and your family want to be safe you should find ways to reduce burning of fossil fuels and other things that cause air pollution. Air pollution also causes events that are unsafe and costing.

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