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September 19, 2017
By KatieLS BRONZE, Auburn, New York
KatieLS BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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For the most part, a person’s childhood neighborhood will always be remembered because it’s a part of them that will always hold a significance to them. For me, my neighborhood is exactly that. There are so many memories that began there and warms my heart to reminisce my days spent there. My neighborhood is filled with the sounds of the city, beautiful scenery, and safety to entice new families towards it.

Some probably would hesitate to describe my street to be “peaceful” due to the decent amount of cars that drive up and down all day, but to me it’s a sort of comfort. I’ve fallen in love with the sounds of the city and feel like there’s not enough of them around. The whizzing of the cars made me curious as to where those people might be going, especially at night. What’s their story? The muffled noise of music, the kind you can feel the vibrations to, coming from the cars that pass by draws my attention. On occasion, the street would be silent, no cars would be seen, but looking down the street to the one adjoining mine, you can see the heavy flow of cars swiftly driving past. I would listen closely for them, focus on the distant sounds and commotion while there is calmness only eight-hundred feet from it. The sounds may only be a small part of what makes the neighborhood admirable, but makes an impact when you learn to appreciate them.

One thing that stands out to me about the neighborhood as a whole is the scenery itself and the positive vibes it gives when driving around. Mid to late-day, when temperatures are beginning to drop before dusk and the sun is its brightest light is when you almost wish time would stop. Everything has a golden hue and looks as if you’re in heaven. The skies are still slightly blue and can be seen through the voids of the houses that are aligned perfectly with one another. Through the multi-colored trees of fall, the sun pokes through the leaves and makes the houses glow.  Standing on one end of the long street of the neighborhood you can see all the way to the end because the ground is level and everything aligns with one another to make a straight continuous line that looks like it were painted to perfection. The slow drive down allows you to look around at the cleanliness of the roads and sidewalks, as well as the trees that are no more than twenty feet from the next so, visually, it is very pleasing.
As it turns to night, the streetlights turn on and shine bright enough to make you think it were still day. It is a generally safe neighborhood at night because there aren’t any people walking around aimlessly from the neighborhood after dark, not for any particular reason, though. Plus, random people don’t come around the neighborhood because there is generally no reason to unless they live there because it is sort of secluded, in a way. Parents never have to worry about their children not being safe because mostly everybody has their porch lights on at night for a bit and there is more than plenty street lights to ensure safety for those out at night, for whatever the reason. You can still hear the sounds of cars in the distance, rushing through the wind, for a split second and then gone, nothing. Occasionally, wind chimes from various houses would be triggered by the slight breeze and create a soft ambient noise that is calming to hear.

About halfway down the road lies my safehaven, my home. It is painted green, matching the grass of the front yard, with a big front porch that has big white pillars in the corners. On the inside, right when you walk in, is a big staircase with a golden railing. I remember one of my chores as a child was having to dust it off and make it shine like the sun. To the right is the living room with comfy brown furniture and lamps in the corners. Then there’s the computer room, dining room, and kitchen, all connecting to one another. Something people would always comment on is the tall ceilings and open layout. To the right of my house is the driveway where I would ride my bike up and down and draw with chalk with my friends. It’s like a long road that leads to the garage in the way back, behind the house. I’ve always thought of this almost as a second house because of how big it used to look to me.

If one word was used to describe my neighborhood it would be pleasant. With the calming nature and positive vibe emitted throughout, it is where families would want to grow and raise their children. The cleanliness and welcoming nature of its surroundings make it family oriented and an exceptional place to live.

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