Why Countries Need to Take Action Against Global Warming

March 27, 2017
By G2017 BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh City, Other
G2017 BRONZE, Ho Chi Minh City, Other
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Global warming is a worldwide problem that is caused mainly by human actions. When the world warms, ice caps start to melt, and storms of pollution start to rumble. No country in the world is safe from the effects of global warming if we keep polluting. So shouldn’t all countries be taking action to prevent it? Countries should take action soon because enough damage has already been done to the planet that we call home, and it most likely cannot be undone. Governments of countries should be the ones taking actions to stop global warming because they can be influential to others, and have more of an impact than the individual citizens.

Solving global warming is one of our top priorities, anyone who thinks otherwise is insane. If it continues then air will be so polluted that we might as well just live in a chimney. And water levels will rise so high that we will be living with fish and sharks in our backyard. Do you want water levels to rise and submerge more and more land? Do you want the air you breathe to be highly contaminated? Do you care about our planet at all? All countries need to lead the charge to stop global warming. All people need is a role model and encouragement to make the right decisions. Countries should not be so selfish.  Imagine all the kids and future generations who may never see a rainforest because we humans cut it down and built a factory. Think of all the tourists lost who increase economies. Our earth warming will also change our climate that us humans vitaly depend on for growing food, and basically knowing the temperature, imagine waking up in Hawaii and looking out the window and seeing snow.

One day I was going back to my house when it started to rain, and I remembered that it was July and that it wasn’t supposed to be raining because it wasn’t the rainy season! It had to be effects of global warming. Some scientists call global warming an “impending biological catastrophe” (Williams). Some people continue to deny these facts but they will find out the hard way that global warming is really happening.

Global warming is a serious problem that humans should absolutely start to take some action to stop the problem. If global warming continues to happen we might even have to find a new planet because our own is far too polluted for ourselves. Scientist Stephen Hawking commented on this problem saying, "I don't think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet” (Hawking). Scientist have warned us, now it's your turn to defeat global warming, some solutions are, building solar and wind farms, these are ways of getting energy without putting gas into our atmosphere. Eliminating these awful factories that burn fossil fuels will make a big impact on solving global warming. Do you want to help our planet or desert it? Some people argue that global warming is just a hoax, Because it snowed in a hot place such as texas, but the truth is,the world heating can melt away ice over a body of water, causing evaporation, eventually leading to precipitation, which can be snow rain, sleet, and more,.Countries must take action against this problem because if we don't then the ice caps will continue to melt, and our air will continually get polluted. Earth will not be the same.


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The author's comments:

I wrote this to raise awareness about global warming.

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