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March 17, 2017
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So here it is, the issue my heart is set on taking care of. Sanitation. Developing countries especially Africa is suffering from many diseases such as malaria, cholera, typhoid, polio or diarrhea and more due to dirty water. How will they become a developed country when they don't have access to clean water and many are dying from it? They need some help, from Developed Countries. There has been and still are many organizations to help the families living in that rural area but we need more contributors to make a difference, a permanent one. Just because this issue doesn't affect you personally doesn't mean you just blow it passed you and never think about it again. Because this problem is spreading and our pollution into lakes and rivers and oceans is only putting more of a chance we won't be able to put a permanent solution to this problem. And no one should ever live that way. There are many story's I have researched that touched my heart and if you heard some I am sure it will change your mind on putting a little time into helping these disadvantaged citizens, who are humans just like you and me. And may I remind you if you didn't think about this yet, some children who unfortunately live in that area may have never even tasted a real sip of clean purified clear cold water. Here's the truth, we the people living in developed countries are so cought up in our own lives and problems we don't even think to look at what other people are battling to survive, yes its a life and death situation for them back in Africa and their health keeps downgrading while we are sitting on the other side laying in or pools, running our sprinklers, leaving our sinks on and taking advantage of our water when some Africans will sadly meet the end of their life before it even starts because of no sanitation.

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