Bottled Water Crisis

February 24, 2017
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For anyone fortunate to have running water, being able to sit on the porch drinking a glass of water provides safety and luxury. Unfortunately, some people don't take advantage of this and drink bottled water instead. Here are some things everyone needs to know about why bottled water should be banned!

One reason you shouldn’t drink bottled water is that according to MNN, bottled water wastes money! Surprisingly, if you look into it water per ounce is expensive! For a gallon it's a whopping 3 cents for 1 ounce! And for bottled water in a vending machine it's 5 cents per ounce, that's more expensive than most gas prices! Bottled water also uses a lot of oil, and its expensive! Every year the bottled water industry uses 47 MILLION BARRELS of oil to make the bottles! To put that into perspective that's two billion three hundred three million dollars!

Addition to waste of money a reason water should be banned because as reported by MNN it's not healthier than tap! For bottled water, it's not tested for many things. For one it's not tested for e coli! Whats even more concerning is that the state does not require standards from the state! Tap on the other hand is just as healthy and is tested for things! Tap has to be monitored for e coli constantly! Tap even needs quality assurance updates to give to the state.

On the other hand some people say that bottles are recyclable. They say this because some water bottles are reused for important and useful things, which is very true. However there is tons and tons of trash from bottled water! In fact, as stated by MNN there is 1.5 million tons a year thrown in the trash! A normal, basic piece of knowledge is the Asian elephants weigh 1200 pounds. With some simple math you can see that every year 1,250,000 Asian elephants of water bottles are thrown in the trash every year! Not even just the water, the light bottles themselves!

Clean, protected water is needed in the world we live in!  Our moral responsibility as human beings is to protect than and leave access to water future generations. Handy, yet destructive, bottled water is a problem the will impact us all.

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