Bottled Water

February 24, 2017
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Benjamin Franklin once said “when the well is dry you know how much water is worth”We all may think water is important, although people make a great cases is bottled water okay?

MNN states that the price is too high for bottled water.Depending on the brand, bottled water can be 5 cents an ounce.Not only that but when they round the price up it rounds to one dollar.

Cnn stated that 70% of water is never intoxicated if it never passes the state line or border.Which makes the bottled water unsellable.That makes them spend more money than they should have lost.Not only that but that wastes way more water  than needed.The FDA needs to oversight this selling condition.

People argue water bottles are good for the go!But i say and others do to that we have tap water.Buy an amazing reuseable cup and use it on the go.Never spend money on bottled water.

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