We’re Coming Together in Peace

November 28, 2016
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“In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” - The Beatles.


Throughout history, humans haven’t really treated each other with love since the homo erectus. Men, women and children everyday are killed because of unequal rights, terrorism, war ridden places, not being accepted because of your sexuality, and just plain evil people that hurt other people for fun- but this is not old news.  In fact, stadium fighting, murder, endless wars and plain cruelty plague our history.  Although there has been examples of compassion and friendships, the hate casts over love in a lot of ways. Just one simple gesture of kindness can carry on to many people. I was raised knowing these values, and even though my parents don’t always do the same, I think it is a very important moral. To develop and progress with people, you need to be at peace to come together.


One rainy sunday in particular, I was ten, and re-painting my walls to three brilliant shades of blue, my favorite colors. Not so surprisingly, my mother and I were in a fight, due to our rocky relationship at that time in my life . Obviously, the painting process was coming along at an extremely slow rate, we weren’t really focused on painting, and we made the atmosphere overall heavier and harder the handle. I decided at such a young and immature age that nothing will get done if people aren’t happy with each other. I walked over to my mother. I stared at her tired face. Her slightly slouched figure, the blue splotches of paint staining her old faded shirt and jeans, I knew this would be a risky thing to do. Calmly, I told her that I was sorry that I wasn’t being respectful and that I really did want to get things done. Nervous, I waited for a response, because she usually didn’t accept my apologies. First, she was reluctant, but after a moment  she accepted my apology, and we ended up finishing the remaining walls in the same amount of time it took to paint one wall when we were unhappy with each other.
As I grow, I began to think: How did we evolve? In hope, religion, positivity, happiness?  Industrialism, businessmanship, and power? Regardless of how, people worked together in peace to achieve the things we’ve achieved today, which brings me to think, that we were put on this earth to love each other. This, I believe.

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