A Whole New World

November 9, 2016

I sit here on this stump, but stumped, I am not. And though I sit alone from others, lonely I am not. I am surrounded by the conversations of birds from above, speaking their own language in a society in the sky. There is a gentle crunch of leaves as squirrels and deer scatter across them, and even the leaves on the trees shiver with the chilly autumn breeze. I can hear wind growing closer and closer with the rustling of trees, bringing with it nature’s secrets. It is quite peaceful. The birds and bugs and animals and trees, all of different species, sizes, and shapes, live together in unison.

We could learn so much from nature. The trees that constantly face obstacles and storms have their twists and turns, but never give up on growing towards the sky. Although the leaves fall down and whither, they are sure to come back next year. And unlike human society, those of nature do not have war or violence or destruction. They work together to survive and live their lives. In comparison to the harsh judgement of our society, nature has none. Every tree and leaf is unique in its style or structure, and they all work together to make nature beautiful. There is no segregation among the leaves. No matter how different they are, they all end up on the same forest floor as equals.

I am an intruder in their homes, but they accept me, calling out to me in song and a foreign animal language. It is almost as if they observe me as I observe them. And I wonder if this natural utopia was once occupied thousands of years ago by humans, before we fought one another over religion or race or any other disagreement.

As the songs of birds come to a close, the chatter of crickets quickly fills the silence. Nature bids me farewell with animal calls and chirps, but I shall be back soon.

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