Is Climate Change Real?

September 27, 2016
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Imagine going outside in the hot weather. Everyone is slowly getting dehydrated. How is this happening? This can be the effect of climate change. The temperature slowly increases every summer, and can effect the cause of global warming, which can wipe out human extinction. According to scientists,the earth is 0.18 degrees warmer than the previous hottest July in 2011 (Washington Post,1). This shows that the earth has been increasing its temperature as the years pass on. This matters because if this continues, the earth will get so hot that people will get overheated. This is one reason why I believe in climate change.


Temperature affects the result of climate change. Stated by Gavin Schmidt, ( Washington Post,1) 2016 July was the hottest month since the instrumental records began. This means the hotter it gets, the possibility of climate change is increased. And if the probability of climate change increases, this can affect our daily lives.It was also the 10th straight-month of record-breaking temperature (Washington Post,1). Which means that this is a continuous thing. It matters to us because if this continues on, we can be dangered. We can be dangered because if we don’t conserve enough water to keep ourselves hydrated, we may run out and get dehydrated or sick. Based off the facts I wrote, this shows that climate change is happening right now. According to Furtado,(Washington Post,2) the global warmth was congested to extreme weather events happening around the world. This shows it’s not only affecting us, but many other countries to. And maybe some people around the world get a bigger impact than others, and may want to move away, which can cause over populated areas.Even in the arctic, it is 7 degrees above the normal average (Washington Post,2). Which means even in the coldest areas, the heat can still affect us. This matters because if people ever did go to the Arctic, they’re still dangered. In Ellicott City, Maryland, and China, all have been affected by flooding which can be caused by climate change. Since the heat may cause the ice caps to melt, it can cause places to flood over. This can deeply affect people around colder environments. This can cause many deaths and injuries which can led to the extinction of the human race.


Although temperature deeply affect us, I also agree that people are causing it too. People can possibly be speeding up the process by using reusable resources, polluting the earth, and not taking care of the environment. And this, plus the rising temperatures can be the reason why climate change is increasing.

In conclusion, I believe that climate change is real and that the rising temperatures can cause global warming. However, I do still believe humans may be speeding it up. And we can do many things to prevent humans from doing so. Such as carpooling or riding a bike, using less gas and more natural resources instead. Who ever thought that doing such simple tasks can help save our planet?

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