An Alien on a New Continent!

July 20, 2016
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Ever thought of transitioning on to new and hopefully better things in life? Let’s say a new social life for example. We all do that at some point in life whether it is the same aspect or not. Well I did but my transition was what very few of you have done or might be thinking of doing in the near or slightly far future.
So what is this transition that I took? Well I moved. I moved to the other side of the world, literally. I am an East African from Tanzania and I have always dreamed of living in another country. No, not country, CONTINENT. I always had that, “I was destined for bigger things” talk with my parents and moving away was that destiny I knew was mine. Well, an opportunity back and slapped me across the face and it was university. I was given a chance to pick where I wanted to go and I did in a flash. Canada. For you guys who know where East Africa is, yes, it is extremely far. And for those who do not, it is 15017km, a 19hr 15 minute nonstop flight. You can imagine the struggle!

Back to my point, I transitioned. I expected many, too many that I would count as pros that I had seen on TV about this CANADA. I was wrong. Well, not too wrong but I did not fall to my knees and gasped about how picture perfect it was or how all the movies and edited photos I watched and saw were real. It was and still is a beautiful continent but they had a scenery my own country has; mountains, forests and many more. But I appreciated the similarities the continent had to my home. I appreciated the fact that what did not meet my expectations did not stray me from my goals of expanding my knowledge of different cultures and societies.
Let me not drag, as I said, most or some of you guys might think of transitioning by moving away to different places someday. Europe, Asia, Africa and the rest of the continents has a lot of cons but they each contain pros that will satisfy any who moves in. For example with Africa, you must have heard of stories that dissatisfy the hope of visiting or moving because of the mindset they went with, but have you noticed that those going in with an open mind of would always come back with a story full of adventures? And I don’t mean the “I rode an elephant to dinner” adventure, which is super cool by the way, but more of the “I met great people and found a lot of opportunities for myself to help better the community “!

All I want you guys to know and understand is that you should not expect more or less of where your feet may soon to wander because they might be completely different from your expectations, and when something you have invested for so long is not to your expectations, the road to whatever future you want to get to, through that new transition will not be as you hoped for. Being an alien in a completely new environment is a beautiful experience if you live it right and respectfully to the culture you have moved in to.


I hope you have a great experience as I did!

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