The World We Live In.

July 20, 2014
A speck of dust. A pinch of flour. A droplet of rain in a never ending shower. That is who I am- it is what we are. Because there is a universe out of the one in which we live in. There is discovered and undiscovered worlds. A human similar to you is dragging his heals against a scummy road, desperately searching for someone like you. Someone with a massive heart and an intelligent brain. Someone who realizes we are one; yet, each of is are like none. Because we may be microscopic, but that does not classify us as insignificant. We posses fingers and hands and arms and muscles that provide is with the power to alter a negative war. We posses feelings and emotions and comfort and support that provide us with the strength to uplift the ones who are silently screaming for help. And we are privileged with brains to decipher right from wrong. So utilize these blessings that we own. Become more than a face in a crowd. Become confident. Become you.

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