Sympathize with the trees, make the change

January 30, 2014
By , Wilmington, DE
A good and a clear definition of a tree is a bonus life to human race. In my opinion trees I would say is the most important thing on earth as an anti dote for humans to sustain. Trees are not only beneficial to humans but for every living thing to survive. They are like a necessity and an important body part of the earth. It produces oxygen, natural shades are formed by creating and umbrella which provides coolness, and if you didn’t know noise pollution is controlled by trees. Although there are many other advantages but these ones were the prominent ones.

Deforestation has been clearing of huge forests all over the world. This is causing problems such as global warming and other minor negative effects. Trees are crucial to our environmental system and need to be taken care of as much as possible. If we try to save trees, our air will remain clean of impurities. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, pollutants, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, allowing us to breathe clean oxygen. Just one tree can provide oxygen to around 8 people.

The biggest consumption and waste of trees is done by manufacturing of paper. Paper however is necessary in our daily life but there has been a high misuse of it. This high wastage has affected our

environment in several ways. Drastic climatic change is one of the major problems we face. It takes just a second to waste a sheet of paper but decades for a tree to grow. This wastage of paper can make the animals, birds homeless and an increase in waste.

Not only that, nearly thirty million trees are been cut down every day in the world. Now just imagine how many get cut in a year. Consequences of this in future don’t seem bright at all. Saving paper, in turn, saves trees, saves energy, saves water, chemicals utilized in making of paper, and also reducing garbage. According to my research if ever single person saves one A4 sized paper, then “40,000 trees are saved per year”. The U.S environmental protecting agency (EPA) also say that recycling paper “causes thirty five percent less water pollution, and seventy four percent less air pollution than making new paper and paper products. Simple steps can be taken to sympathize with the trees. First thing which we all can do is build a muscle memory of remembering if you see paper surely inevitably recycle it. Avoid paper wastage. Secondly, create awareness among people about importance of trees and the need for their conservation. And lastly everyone should at least plant as many trees as possible to protect the world and make it a better place to leave on. The benefactions we sympathize with the tree will surely be beneficial to our environment and us as one.

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