What My Garbage Man Means To Me?

January 20, 2014
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Garbage men are keeping our homes very clean, they take our trash out of our hands, they take that nasty smell away. People think their jobs aren’t hard, but we as a community underestimate them.
Garbage people to me are honestly life savers. If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t be able to have a place to throw our garbage. They have to go out first thing in the morning, and they are dedicated people. They have to go out in the horribly cold weather and horribly warm weather. That takes straight dedication.
You may wonder where they are putting this garbage, right? Well they put this garbage in a landfill, or they put it in a storm water drainage, Leachate collection system, Methane collection system, or groundwater monitoring systems.
A cover is waste that is placed in a cell it’s required to be covered at all times with either six inches of compacted soil or an alternative daily cover. The Leachate collection system is a lot of perforated pipes, layers of sand, and gravel. What they do in the system is drain the Leachate. The Methane collection system is a process that produces methane gas, it collects 50% of that gas. The storm water drainage is a system to control water run off of water after a storm. The groundwater monitoring system is when stations are set up to directly access and test the groundwater around the landfill for presence of leachate chemicals. All of these are great ways to get rid of trash.
Recycling doesn’t go with the normal garbage. There are different garbage men who pick up different types of garbage. There are garbage men who pick up the normal garbage, like leftover food plastic plates etc, and there are garbage men who pick up recycling, stuff like bottles plastic glass, aluminum.
There are a lot of people who feel good about recycling, it makes them feel better as a person, because they know that they are doing better for the environment, they know that their trash can go to a good cause.
The amount of americans that want to recycle is amazing, 74% of people make an effort to recycle outside of their home, that’s dedication.
Obviously if we didn’t have garbage men we wouldn’t have all of these unique systems that keep our environment from being disgusting and unsafe. Garbage men are more valuable to the community that anyone would imagine.

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