Planet EARTH’S Favorite Child

December 19, 2013
By harryA SILVER, Newport, Delaware
harryA SILVER, Newport, Delaware
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Environment is a word/place we all admire or at least we act like we admire it. But let me ask this do we really know the value of our environment, do we really know what it is, and more of all do we really admire it or are we just shamming it out to the real world? So that no one would look at us with a different eye and that we would not be the only one on the side where people are listed for not valuing their environment. People don’t understand that they are gifted with a treasure as soon as they are burned, and that treasure is called environment. For me I think this is the biggest treasure anyone can earn. But as we all can see in our everyday life that not everyone respects this treasure.

Environment is a word that cannot be forgotten when describing the Earth’s features. For me it is one of the heart touching words ever created. As we all know everything we need to survive comes from the treasure box called Environment. Everything meaning everything water, wind, oxygen, food, paper, clothes, electricity, and etc. If anyone was to make a complete list of the supplies we take from environment it will take their whole life to complete it and still it might not get finished. Because everything we use is somehow created by the help of the environment. Even if something is made in factories like laptop, “it is made by the help of machines which works from electricity, which is made with the help of wind or sunlight”. Also everything that comes from animals is also related to nature (“another word that is mostly used to replace the word environment”) because without oxygen animals wouldn’t be able to survive, and they wouldn’t be able to give us anything. Oxygen like we all know comes from trees, which gets it’s nutrients from nature, and trees itself is an important part of nature. So by these examples we can see how everything is created by nature/environment in one or the other way.

In our everyday life we all waste the supplies provided to us by the environment in massive amounts. One of the biggest reason why we don’t value it is because this is a treasure that makes everyone the richest person in this world but for this treasure nobody has to work hard to earn it. It is given to everyone for free so they don’t know its value. I think as a human being for some of us one of our qualities and an unsatisfactory trait at the same time is that we don’t understand a value of anything as long as we don’t work hard for it. Some of us just can’t digest free things.

Why I said that some of us just can’t digest free things is because, I have and still see actions that show me this, and I am sure that not only me but all of us see this in our everyday life. Starting from food and ending at water, from paper to pencils (wood), from electricity to electronics, and etc. Blank Papers are used as basketball, and thrown into the trash can, food is being thrown away over foolish reasons. I think people do this just because they have more money and want to waste food. Thinking that nature will never run out of food, and it will forgive us for wasting it, and would continue feeding us. Trees are getting cut down to build malls, building, and etc. This is causing the oxygen level to drop down. These examples are some of the major problems. If I was to write down the whole list I myself would be one of the top 10 people who created the most waste, and who knows the next second we might be dying due to lack of oxygen.

I don’t just see all these things happen, I also accept that I myself have done some of these things in my life at some point even if I know it is not a good thing I still do it, and I bet almost everyone has done or is still doing some of these actions knowingly or unknowingly. I have a lot of respect for the people who respect their resources and use them wisely without wasting it, and reusing materials as long as they can. I believe that all/almost all of us are killing our beautiful earth’s favorite kid, and the bad thing is that we are killing a kid slowly and slowly right in front of his mother’s eyes. Not everybody sees that the mother is getting angry and angrier every time we torture her kid, and our actions forces her to stop caring about us, and her love for us is turning into hatred. Which is why, if you noticed that we are starting to “run out of supplies, the food that is grown is not as good as it used to be, number of diseases are increasing, the natural disasters are occurring more often, etc.” And I think this is the only way we can learn what happens if you kill a mother’s child, and how to become mature, and stop wasting resources. It is just like “how stores, business, and the supply and demand rule works out if there is more quantity the prices are low but if the quantity is less the prices would be very high”. Same with us when we have more resources we make more waste, and don’t value it but when we have less resources we learn its value and decrease the amount of waste we create. Now me and my family try our best and stop ourselves from cutting the environment and take care of it. From our side we try as much as we can because this is not something everyone is supposed to be taught they have to learn this by their self and take care of the environment as best as they can, and transform back from a criminal to a human being.

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