The Effects of Global Warming

June 24, 2013
By Anonymous

Dear United States Government,
Global warming is affecting many aspects of our lives as humans. It also is killing our animals, destroying the planet, and ultimately destroying us. We need more strict reforms to help the fight against global warming. For example, our coral reefs are being bleached and dying from global warming. When they become bleached then they lose all their natural beauty. No one wants to see a gray dead coral reef because the beauty is what signifies it. As a nation we need to be leaders in the global warming revolution. Eventually we need the entire world to be eco-friendly. Its very important for us to become eco-friendly because not only does it benefit our world but it makes our living conditions healthier. Global warming is killing our animals and resources that are vital for us human to survive. Instead of spending trillions of dollars on war we should be spending the money else where. If we do not start now our world will keep spiralling down and eventually crumble. We need to make a change. Pollution in car factories is a factor that is creating global warming. We burn up the ozone layer by emitting Co2 as a result from burning fossil fuels. In countries like Australia they can not even use air fresheners because it kills the ozone layer. The problems that we face each day cause our planet to disintegrate slowly, which is why the concern for reform is essential.
Electric power plants are the largest single source of global warming pollution in the country, responsible for nearly 40 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. President Obama has been preparing regulations that limit carbon dioxide emissions. This is a small step but a vital one for the change of our world. Many republicans are against global warming and do not believe in it. This is because they have a ton of big business supports. They claim it is money based because changing big business companies will cost loads of money. Changing the world for the better is always worth it. Spending trillions of dollars on war is not worth it. Therefore, the option to make a difference is right in our palms, so we are able to make a difference if our nation is willing to buy in.
Carbon dioxide created from all the coal burning is causing more issues than most people think. It is causing natural disasters like tsunamis and forest fires to be present in our society. Global warming is heating our earth at a quick rate. Within the next fifty years if things do not change animals like the polar bear will go extinct. This would causes problems with the ecosystem. For example, the seal population will increase because the polar bears died off. Then the food seals eat will go extinct because there will be to many seals for the amount of food supply. Eventually the seals will also go extinct. It is a terrible process that will happen unless we change globally. Global warming has no positives effects. It is much like cigarette smoking.
Problematically, as the crisis is beginning to get worse oil, coal, and gas companies keep making billions of dollars. It costs me 80 dollars a tank for gas. Not to mention I feel terrible knowing all that gas is being burned into our environment. Our world has potential to be healthy, but at the this rate it will be destroyed.
Every year the U.S emits over 6 billions tons of carbon dioxide. All of the carbon gets stuck inside our atmosphere. It is a complete overload and poses health risks for people. The temperature increase has also poses as a health risk for people. Especially people with diabetes. The temperature is also poses as a threat to coral reefs and the well being of our earth. Policies and regulations need to be put in place now to help stop global warming. If not our world will keep crumbling slowly and our future generations will not have a good chance for survival. We need to make a change for the better now.

The author's comments:
This piece is about global warming. A letter to the government.

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